Beautiful Artwork.

Our high resolution artwork looks stunning on the iPhone Retina display. There are over 1100 of these gorgeous items to collect and we release new ones daily!


2 Million Places.

You'll need to forage at real world locations to collect every item. Fortunately, we have over 2 million places for you to visit and you can add more easily.


Fun Collections.

Collectible items for every taste, from Dinosaurs and Orcs to Red Roses and Ruby Slippers. New collections are released every 2 weeks and typically contain 15 items.


Free to Play.

You can play WallaBee completely free of charge and all of our items are available to everyone from the moment they are released. We offer some In App Purchases but you can't simply pay your way to success.


Constant Updates.

We're not happy to rest on our laurels. That's why we constantly update and tweak the game based on player feedback. Every collection has a new feature and we're always thinking of ways to surprise and delight our players.


Friendly Community.

With trading, messaging, stories, and forums, our community is made up of the friendliest people on the interwebs. If you have any concerns, we have BeeKeepers (our community moderators) who can help you out.


Unique Items.

As well as our own collections, we allow players to commission their own items to gift to other players. We've helped hundreds of players celebrate special occassions or memories with items designed just for them. Find out more.


Outstanding Support.

Our average support response time is 52 minutes and 12 seconds. Our staff play WallaBee constantly and are always available to offer support, help with your trades, or just shoot the breeze.


Exports & Apps.

We believe in data portability. For that reason, our players can get an export of all of their data at any time. We also let developers use our data so they can build awesome apps like itembrowser.com and HoneyBlend to help our players.

We'd love for you to give WallaBee a try...

You can get started by downloading WallaBee for free from the App Store. We release app updates frequently and are always up-to-date with the latest Apple updates. That's why WallaBee was one of the first apps to support the iPhone 5 screen size, one of the first to add Passbook, one of the first to update to the new iOS 7 design language, and why we were one of the first to add 64-bit support for iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display.

If you have any questions that aren't answered on our website, we're only an email away and will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can send a friend request to any staff member and chat within the app. We look forward to welcoming you to the game soon!

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  • This game is wonderful... Great way to pass the time and very addicting... The artwork is beautiful and the people are very helpful- Karrla-w, App Store Review
  • WallaBee is a brand new digital collectibles game for the iPhone with a geo-location twist, made by the talented Ben Dodson Apps team, and it would be YOUR LOSS if you do not check it out immediately.Robin Wauters, TheNextWeb
  • Friendly community and the staff who run the game are avid players as well. It's a lot of fun to play and the artwork is amazing.- The Mantosh, App Store Review
  • WallaBee is an Explorers wet dream as it takes the basic premise of geocaching and puts it in a handy app and all the items to find are digital, so they can be foraged without leaving the comfort of your iPhone.- Joey Strawn, JoeyStrawn.com
  • I've met people from all over the world. We help each other collect items. The WallaBee Team is always trying to improve this app and help with support and are open to new ideas. I really enjoy this community of gamers. Try it out.- Kagey1, App Store Review
  • It’s written by Ben Dodson and his cadre who have taken the Gowalla model and instead of throwing out all the fun parts like Gowalla did, threw out the lame parts and added in a few twists.- Travis Smith, hopstudios.com
  • Fun, addictive card collecting with gorgeous cards.- Weewa1533754, App Store Review
  • With a number of “secret recipes” needed for these items there’s no doubt that you’ll be entirely motivated to continue on your WallaBee quest.Arron, RazorianFly
  • If you are into hoarding virtual items, this game is for you! Beautiful artwork, friendly players, and wonderful, supportive staff. I love this game.- Katietot, App Store Review
  • WallaBee is a great geolocation game with a great newly updated app. Very creative, imaginative app builders keep the game exciting. Great, friendly community of players really adds to a great experience.MBfromNB, App Store Review